3 Tips for Designing the Employee Experience

You need to create a great Employee Experience to reduce employee turnover, increase retention and boost productivity. Read our 3 tips for designing the employee experience. What is Employee Experience? First of all, what exactly is Employee Experience – and how does it differ from engagement? Employee Experience affects the entire employee lifecycle from onboarding to […]

How to Put the Spectacular in Employee Experience

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Is Employee Experience the Latest Fad?

Over the last year or two, the concept of Employee Experience (EX) has become more and more prevalent in the HR world. It’s been likened to customer experience, but for employees. Written by  Innovationbubble, a behavioural strategy agency that uses award-winning approaches to investigate the reason for customers’ and employees’​ behaviour, providing businesses with the insight they […]

Here’s your HR Employee Experience Cheat Sheet

Human Resources is getting a serious shake-up. This year will be all about talent: Attracting great people, finding the right candidates, hiring, engaging and retaining them to create an awesome HR employee experience.  Talent Acquisition, Recruitment and HR professionals are still struggling to find the right people because of low unemployment, skills shortages and competitive employer […]