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21st April, 2021

How to Take a ‘Human-Centered’ Approach to Business

When you’re in an employee-facing role, be it as a manger, HR professional, CEO, or otherwise, it’s important to hav...

12th April, 2021

The Basic Principles of Onboarding

We all know the importance of hiring well, but the journey doesn’t end when the candidate signs on the dotted line. Ov...

16th March, 2021

Is Upskilling the New Learning and Development?

As the nine-to-five changes and working environment’s adjust, it has never been more important to invest in personal d...

11th March, 2021

The HR Trend to Watch: Reshaping the Employee Experience

If you can remember a time before Covid-19, when we travelled for business, dined out for meetings, and cross-commuted f...

23rd February, 2021

The Focus On Wellbeing In The Age of Covid

In the Chinese calendar, 2021 marks the Year of the Ox. Appropriately, the Ox represents a strong work ethic coupled wit...

9th February, 2021

How to promote Diversity & Inclusion In The Workplace in 2021

Promoting diversity and inclusion at work is an area that has really come into focus. And while great strides have been ...

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