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3 Best Practices for Employee Exit Interviews

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Niamh Madden

Given the tighter labor market, employee retention is a bigger challenge today than it was two years ago. What if we told you exit interviews could help with retention and even recruitment? Here are three best practices for your employee exit interviews.

employee exit interview best practices

Be Consistent

We’re big believers in continuous improvements. We build methods to improve your survey into the Talivest platform already so you don’t have to. We advise changing things by degree after you’ve gathered enough data, to ensure you’re getting consistent results over time.

Download our employee offboarding toolkit to see our full list of exit survey question best practices.

Get Honest Answers

Using your own exit interview question survey may seem like a time saver, but you’re likely to get diplomatic answers rather than honest ones. If you have a team or a manager who’s underperforming, you’ll want to know. You’ll get more honest employee feedback by using an anonymous third party vendor.

Use Hard Metrics

Surveys can lead to fuzzy conclusions if you’re not holding them to hard metrics. We’ve built our surveys around industry benchmarks and can even help you evaluate your engagement scores against similar companies by vertical.

See the rest of the employee exit interview questions and much more by downloading the employee offboarding toolkit today!

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