Corporate Alumni Employee Engagement Offboarding Strategy

Surveys are easy, right? You could probably have someone from the marketing or content team develop one quickly, but you won’t get the same results as you will by considering exit interview vendors. Below are the top three reasons organisations use Talivest employee offboarding software.

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Writing a survey might seem straightforward, but writing a survey that helps you learn about your employees (current, former, future) and achieve the best results using objective data is more of a challenge. Our HR and Data Science professionals have years of experience helping organizations recruit, retain and rehire talent. We’ve spent time working with organizations testing, refining and gathering data to make sure they get the most from their exit interview process.


Surveys can be cheap, but what are the real costs if you’re underperforming on recruitment and retention? Add to that the additional burden of admin and analysis of results…it adds up quickly. Small cost-savings every month using homemade offboarding resources won’t cover the cost of high turnover or workplace reputation. An investment today in offboarding best practices will pay dividends quickly.


Many organisations realise quickly that an in-house solution for offboarding falls short when it comes to reporting. Writing an exit interview survey may seem quick but building a reporting system isn’t, and it’s nearly impossible to gather enough external data for accurate benchmarking by industry. These are the biggest reasons we suggest that organisations outsource their exit interview.

Hopefully this peek at the exit interview process is helpful. If you’d like to continue learning about offboarding best practices or the other features you’ll gain access to with Talivest, download our Employee Offboarding toolkit!


Laura Belyea