Corporate Alumni

We share some of the best corporate alumni program ideas that we’ve come across – easy to implement and with great results!

When planning our your corporate alumni program ideas, the best way to start is with a whiteboard! Jot down all the things that come into your mind – maybe it’s allowing your alumni have access to internal events, or giving them speaking opportunities to grow their personal brand. Whatever it is, get it out of your head and onto a board. Next, check out some of our ideas and see what you think!

1. Benefits and Incentives

Extending your employee referral scheme to your alumni will have massive benefits to your organisation. Make sure that you work with the recruitment team to ensure alumni can easily and swiftly recommend their family / friends for a role – and be rewarded the same as if they were still working in the company. This will save the recruitment team on time and cost to hire, and further your business case for why alumni are so important! They already know the culture and the company so they’re likely to refer only people who they think would be great for the role. Other incentives like company discounts, gym membership discounts and other small benefits that your team receive can also be extended to alumni. These little discounts keep you front of mind for alumni and show that they’re still part of the family.

2. Mentoring 

Mentoring provides enormous value for both alumni and current employees. How about setting up a mentoring program that connects them both? You can send out a survey to all your alumni and ask them if they’re interested in becoming a mentor or mentee and what skills they’d like to learn or share. In the background, you can then match up potential mentors and mentees, taking the difficulty out of finding a mentor for those who are looking for one. With all the information you receive, you can then find out what your alumni like and use this to inform content that you’ll put into an alumni newsletter. If you get some really good insights, you could even set up a skills-swapping group.

3. Invest in a Corporate Alumni Software Tool 

You may or may not have thought of corporate alumni software as part of your program. One of the benefits of the software is that it allows organizations to target important messages to former employees without worrying about things like:

  • Will my email hit their spam filter?
  • Do they follow us on social media?
  • What email address are they using these days?

Posting quick updates, sharing opportunities and keeping your organization top of mind is quick and efficient with the solutions we’ve built for corporate alumni programs. It’s an effective way to manage your program and communication without spending massive amounts of time looking up email addresses, copying and pasting and formatting. All the email templates, the lists, and the ability to set up events, are right there at the touch of a button.

If you’re curious about how a corporate alumni software tool works in action, get in touch. We’d be happy to give you a demo of the tools and the problems they solve.


Laura Belyea