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Why You Need Alumni Networks – They’re Full of Boomerangs!

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Laura Belyea

There are plenty of reasons why alumni networks are great for your former employees. But one key benefit is the boomerangs that you’ll attract back to your company (i.e. rehires).

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Don Belyea is a Professional Engineer who has experience running operations across Canada & the US for Global Engineering Firms. Below he outlines the benefits to employers & alumni of investing in alumni networks.

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“I am a baby boomer still working and I wanted to comment on the concept of employee churn and how companies (if they adopt a strategy of an alumni culture) can actually attract good employees back, should they have a position that past employees would see as a challenge and a positive step forward in their career.

I worked for a large Global Technology Company for many years in various positions. In 2004 I departed this company on very good terms. The company managed my departure with class and left the door wide open should I ever wish to return. This is a key point and I left feeling very positive about the company.

I joined a smaller employee owned Technology Company since the challenge was very interesting.  It just happens that the company I was leaving had a strong alumni association which allowed me to stay in touch with all my former friends at the company. From this I received company news through a quarterly newsletter which contained the new contact information regarding other friends who had also departed and of course became part the alumni. Most companies at that time did not have a strong alumni culture and still do not.

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Without going into details as to why I left, I stayed with this new company until 2008. At that time a new position opened up in my former company and I was contacted; and to make a long story short I was back with my previous company within three weeks.

I required very little re-training and returning was a bit like going home since I knew most of the employees and management team. I was up and running in my new position very quickly. 

Since 2008, I have seen many employees return to join engineering teams on major projects. They required very little re-training and were producing results in a short time. They all felt like they were returning to a very familiar environment among friends. 

This returning of former employees is still ongoing, and I am still working!” 

How Talivest can help you build an engaged workplace 

Talivest is an online platform that helps global companies tap into rich alumni networks of their past and future talent. We help organisations understand why employees are leaving, stay connected with them and help re-hire high performing alumni as boomerangs. This results in reduced recruitment costs, boosted productivity, improved brand culture and a rich talent pool for referrals and boomerangs.

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