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Attracting Talent – “Pro in the Know” with Top Tier Recruitment

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Laura Belyea

In Ireland, there has been an increased focus on attracting talent and growing the Financial Technology (FinTech) Industry.  IDA Ireland’s strategy called Winning 2019, targets FinTech multinationals, as well as start ups.  This, combined with Brexit, creates the perfect environment for businesses who service this sector.

Top Tier Recruitment Pro in the Know

I sat down with Top Tier Recruitment, a Recruitment Consultancy that specialises in Finance & FinTech, to understand their story, current trends within this industry, attracting talent, and the future of recruitment.  

What is the Top Tier story?

Top Tier Recruitment was founded by Managing Director’s Laura Smyth and Paul Smyth in 2016.  We specialise in Recruitment Consultancy servicing a blue-chip domestic and international client base across Finance and FinTech.

What is the top trend you are seeing within the recruitment industry?  

The biggest trend we are seeing is with companies struggling to understand Millennials.  There is a perception that Millennials are lazy, entitled, they don’t prepare for and are very relaxed during interviews.  This presents a real shift that has to happen within the Finance Sector, they have to move faster to adapt to the changing workforce so they can continue attracting talent.  In today’s market, companies need to move fast in the interview & decision process.  With such a low unemployment rate and an increase in job openings, it is a candidate’s market out there.  If a company has a long long hiring process, they are going to lose the best candidates.

What are the “asks” that you are hearing from Millennial candidates ?

Millennials are more focused on culture, corporate responsibility, flexibility and career development. They ask for broader roles where they can be more creative and use creative technologies. During the interview process, it’s essential to keep them up to date.  They want a more consultative approach and not to feel like a transaction.

What do you see as the future of Recruitment?

Due to the current and longer term estimated economic landscape with low unemployment and a high number of open positions, traditional ways of recruitment like job boards are not working.  Candidates are not as proactive applying for roles and the war for attracting talent is competitive.  The future of recruitment will definitely include Artificial Intelligence for more functional roles.  The demand for Recruitment Agencies will likely be focused more on senior type roles.

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How do you keep up to date within your industry?  

Meeting with candidates is really the key to get market intelligence.  Also, we use our data to look at trends & benchmarks.  We have access to a great amount of data through our database as well as sources like Linkedin and Indeed.

Who is your favourite business leader’s and why?

[Laura Smyth] One of my former employers was Bank of Ireland before we started Top Tier Recruitment. Richie Boucher, the current CEO of Bank of Ireland really stands out as one of our favourite business leaders.  He joined Bank of Ireland at critical time and was able to get investment and saved the careers of many employees.  He is very personable and approachable as well as an inspiring leader.

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