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What to Avoid While Building a Corporate Alumni Program

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Niamh Madden

If your organisation is getting ready to build a corporate alumni program here are a few things to avoid.

Corporate Alumni Program

Think About Maintenance

Your corporate alumni program will likely be run by the HR or recruitment team, but you’ll need to approach this program a little like a content creation strategy. If you’re going to kick things off you need a plan in place to keep momentum up. Your alumni will engage with the channel as long as it offers benefit and the usual benefit is information.

If you’re not sharing information on a timely basis, your users will start to tune out.

Gather Feedback

You’re probably in the practice of gathering onboarding and exit interview surveys. Maybe you even give periodic surveys to check in with employees. You’ll want to make sure you get feedback on the corporate alumni program as well. Find out why users aren’t opting in. Find out why users do opt in. Ask boomerang employees what they thought of the program while they were outside the company. Did it help them decide to come back?

Like all efforts you can always grow and improve. Hearing what users like and don’t like is a great place to start.

Remember Your Audience

Earlier we talked about running your corporate alumni program, ‘a little like a content creation strategy’. It’s important that you don’t take that too far. Yes, you want to share useful information about your organizations, but don’t forget your audience. Unlike users visiting your blog, these users are already sold.

You can share information without reminding users who you are, why you bring value to the marketplace or what you do better than anyone else. You don’t need to market to this audience, you just need to keep them informed and provide an occasional opportunity for them to stay in touch.

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