Corporate Alumni Employee Engagement Offboarding Strategy

The data you gather using your corporate alumni software is valuable, but how can you keep your former employees engaged?

corporate alumni software

Give and Take

Data is powerful. Your corporate alumni software will help you gain insight on former employees and where they are now. However, remember to see things from the perspective of former employees: they want insights too.

So, what really engages alumni? The people, events and developments inside your organization. People are naturally curious about the people they once worked with. Your alumni have gone on to do amazing things like start their own businesses or travel the world. Share these stories with fellow alumni.

Ask your former employees what they’d like to hear about, read about or learn. This makes your platform more engaging than just thinking of it as a management tool for onboarding, offboarding and recruitment.

corporate alumni software

Think Outside Recruitment

Corporate alumni software is great at maintaining a network and recruiting new or boomerang employees. If you only use the software for recruitment you run the risk of losing your audience.

Make sure that you give your alumni a reason to refer a friend. Consider adding a hiring bonus, using the platform to share engaging content, or start a mentoring group for alumni. This will help avoid repetitive ‘We’re Hiring’ alerts which might be ignored.

Download the Infographic – How Boomerang Hiring Cuts Cost and Time to Hire

Get Feedback

The HR team will have their vision of how to use the corporate alumni software, but ask what your teams would like to see as well. Successful alumni communities make sure to include more than just HR or Marketing, so consider having alumni champions in a variety of areas of your organisation.

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Laura Belyea