Diversity & Inclusion Employee Engagement

Here’s how to build a diverse and inclusive workplace, by Laura Belyea, Chief Operating Officer at Talivest. This is an excerpt from the White Paper “Diversity & Inclusion into Practice” by Top Tier Recruitment.

1. Listen To Your Employees

To create a diverse and inclusive workforce, you need to start by doing one thing: listening. How often do you stop to listen to your own employees? You might respond by saying that you gather feedback through an engagement survey – once a year. This is not enough. You’ll need to listen throughout their entire employee lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding.

Your employees actually own your Diversity and Inclusion strategy. Why? Because it’s all about them. This will help you build a better D&I plan. In turn, this will boost collaboration, creativity, innovation and employee engagement.

2. Drive your Decisions Based on The Voice of the Employee  

Organisations need to invest in a technology solution, like Talivest, that empowers them to hear the “Voice of the Employee”.  Don’t forget, we live in an “always on”, instant culture. So collecting real-time feedback and sentiment analysis are key to understanding your workforce. Tools that gather continual feedback can even predict what would cause your employees to leave for a competitor. 

The next step is to use this data to drive your decision-making for your D&I programmes and prioritise efforts that will have the biggest impact. To drive more honest feedback, organisations should consider outsourcing to a third party. This ensures anonymity and prevents the dreaded unconscious bias.

3. Redesign the Workplace and Keep Listening 

The final step? Implement and evaluate the effectiveness of your Diversity and Inclusion strategy. Collect and analyse feedback, perceptions and feelings on how diverse and inclusive your employees think you are. Finally, capture and track the trends over time to help you see the bigger picture. When you take the time to listen, collect data, test and redesign, you show your employees that you are truly creating a D&I strategy that serves your people and your business.  

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Building and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace is imperative. A well-crafted D&I strategy will drive innovation, creativity, collaboration and employee engagement.

But where do you start? And if you’ve already started, what can you do to future-proof your approach?

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Laura Belyea