Employee Engagement

Everyone in HR knows how important an enthusiastic, motivated workforce is but how do you build and maintain that workforce? It’s all about having the right employee engagement software and best practices in place. Here are a few ways they help, as well as our client case study which goes into detail.

employee engagement solutions case studyNew Hires

When new team members arrive, they’re glad to be there! But somewhere between the hire and the time they leave, they’ve decided they’re not so happy to be there. How can organisations stay ahead of the morale curve? Anonymous third-party surveys. Checking in with employees along their journey can make the difference between a short employee tenure and a long one.

Why Third Party?

When you’re choosing employee engagement solutions a survey is a survey right? Not quite. Users have all heard stories of the survey that got someone in trouble. Being honest on a survey (which is valuable for all concerned) is much more likely when the survey is run by an independent third party like Talivest.

Focus on Action

Analytics are great, but unless you decide to take action on the feedback you’re getting, it’s moot. Employees are more likely to trust leaders that communicate results, share positives and negatives, and explain where changes can be made – so don’t forget to compile your results and share them back with the organisation.

Own Your Data

Having access to the right data at the right time makes your team nimble and effective. If you’re storing onboarding and offboarding data or employee surveys in a system with no analytics you’re not likely to use the data. Who has time to design custom reports all time time?

Having access to clear, timely, benchmarked data could make the difference between an organisation with low employee tenure and low Glassdoor scores and one poised to improve both. Have a look at our client case study to see how an actual Talivest client improved their exit survey response rate by 195% (!) in just six months.


Laura Belyea