Corporate Alumni Employee Engagement Offboarding Strategy

The Ultimate Offboarding Best Practices Toolkit

If your organization hasn’t solidified its offboarding best practices, we’ve got a toolkit to help. You may not be able to stem the tide of employees leaving for a new opportunity until you have strong employee retention practices, including an offboarding plan. Need to sell the concept inside your organization? Here are four reasons why […]

Corporate Alumni Employee Engagement Offboarding Strategy

Corporate Alumni and Employee Offboarding Best Practices

As we’ve discussed in our previous articles about employee offboarding best practices, it all starts with data. If you don’t have anonymous feedback on why employees leave you’re likely to be guessing at the solutions rather than addressing actual employee concerns. Show Your (Collective) Intent If you’re following employee offboarding best practices you’ll be showing […]

Corporate Alumni Employee Engagement Offboarding Strategy

Infographic: Tips you Need When Offboarding Employees

Hopefully you’re using an anonymous exit survey when you’re offboarding employees from your organisation. The exit survey allows you to gain valuable data about your opportunities to improve employee development. Over time you’ll start seeing patterns around employee pay, company culture or advancement opportunities. Look for Patterns The first step to utilising your new data […]

Corporate Alumni Employee Engagement

Infographic | Reduce Time to Hire and the Employee Onboarding Process

The average employee onboarding process takes 52 days from start to finish. We’ve built an infographic showing the statistics which impress us most about reducing time and cost during the employee onboarding process. Applications & Interviews For decades, organisations have posted job ads. These days the issue isn’t if you’ll receive applications, but how many. […]