Corporate Alumni

Companies should engage in corporate alumni management, but you’ll need to avoid these common mistakes as you build, launch and maintain.

corporate alumni management

Quiet Launch

It’s fine to do some testing to make sure you’ve configured your software and processes well as you get your corporate alumni management off the ground, but when you’re ready to launch…launch!

If your current and former employees haven’t heard you are now engaging in corporate alumni management, or don’t know what software you’re using they may be confused about why they’re hearing from you. A confused user is less likely to trust the communication and engage with it.

Let your employees know about your alumni program when they’re hired into your organisation by including it in induction training. Create an internal communications campaign for your current employees so that they’re kept in the loop.

Poor Maintenance

Some news will be unexpected, but most updates can be planned early on. Create an editorial content calendar and come up with some points of communication ready for former employees. If they don’t hear from you on a regular basis, they’re less likely to read and respond when you’d like them to. Develop a cadence of communication so that your alumni know when they will be likely to hear from you. Take a look at your internal content calendar of events or speak with your marketing team so that you can align events internally and externally!

Sales, Not Conversation

Think of your corporate alumni management as your front door. If you keep getting sales pitches you’re much less likely to open it…for anyone. Keep your interactions people-based. Share updates, tell alumni stories or ask them to share their own, make announcements and ask for input or announce that you’re hiring. Review the analytics to see what people are reading and interested in – ditch any content that isn’t performing.

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Laura Belyea