Corporate Alumni Employee Engagement Offboarding Strategy

As we’ve discussed in our previous articles about employee offboarding best practices, it all starts with data. If you don’t have anonymous feedback on why employees leave you’re likely to be guessing at the solutions rather than addressing actual employee concerns.

Show Your (Collective) Intent

If you’re following employee offboarding best practices you’ll be showing two things to departing employees. First, you’re letting them know you’re interested in any opportunity to improve. Second, you’re opening a conversation about continuing the conversation. Maybe that particular employee will come back someday as a boomerang employee or perhaps they’ll refer someone who could work for you in the future, but neither outcome is likely if you haven’t opened the door.

Make your Offboarding as Decent as your Onboarding

The employee leaving you has likely made great contributions to the organisation. Rather than treating them as disloyal or disconnected, thank them for all that they’ve done and ask managers to highlight areas they’ve done well in. By showing that you value contributions, you’re generating a better employer brand.

corporate alumni and offboarding best practices

Follow Up

Gathering data and starting a conversation about future collaboration will only bear fruit if your HR team actually stays in touch. You can do this in more than one way. First, let them know when you’re making internal changes that are based on employee feedback. Let’s say you’re adding a perk like flex time. Let your network know about that, not just the current team.

Second, let your corporate alumni network know when you’re hiring. You don’t have to actively solicit referrals, but if more people know you’re hiring it’s more likely that you’ll see some boomerang or referral interest.

Hopefully our infographic has helped along your journey to following employee offboarding best practices. If you haven’t already, download the full infographic and if you’d like to learn more about employee retention or how to implement a new offboarding plan, get in touch to schedule a demo.

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Laura Belyea