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5 Myths Uncovered About Digital Transformation

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Niamh Madden

If you’re reading this, you may have already completed some form of digital transformation in your organisation – or – you’re about to begin one.  However, just 16% of digital transformation projects succeed. Why?

Digital Transformation
Trinity Business + Technology Forum – Laura Belyea, Anthony Day, Dr. Na Fu and Dr. Laurent Muzellec


Talivest joined a panel discussion on Digital Transformation Strategy to answer this question, at the Trinity Business + Technology ForumSpeakers included Laura Belyea – COO and Co-Founder, Talivest; Dr. Na Fu – Associate Professor in Human Resource Management, Trinity Business School; Dr. Laurent Muzellec – Associate Professor in Marketing, Trinity Business School and Anthony Day – COO, Deloitte EMEA Blockchain Lab.

So, make sure you’re not falling for the old Digital Transformation methods by checking out our 3 myth-busting tips from the event.

Digital Transformation

Myth #1 – Houston, we have a Technology Problem

The best organisations know there are many benefits to transforming their customer and employee digital practices. They see improved customer experience, enhanced innovation, improved employee retention and better decision-making.

However, when a digital transformation project fails, the first temptation is to blame the technology. Projects actually fail “not due to lack of investment in infrastructure,” according to Dr. Laurent Muzellec, “But lack of awareness of human behaviour.” Anthony Day backs this up, “Technology doesn’t implement projects – people do.”

As humans, we don’t like change – and whether we are a consumer or an employee we have to exhibit signs of what Dr. Na Fu calls “readiness” for the solution.  Questions to ask yourself include: How willing are your customers to engage with your new technology? Does it really solve a problem for them? How much education have they had? Have they been brought on the journey along the way?

Laura Belyea reiterates that any digital transformation must be translated into the values and goals of the entire company for it to be truly successful. Digital does not exist in a vacuum – we live in an always-on world and leaders can’t expect the workplace to be any different.

Digital Transformation
Photo by Adrienn from Pexels

Myth #2 – Let’s Focus on a Solution

If you hear yourself saying things like “we need an app”, “we need blockchain”, or any other “need-to-haves”, then you’re starting at the finish line instead of the warm-up.

For digital transformation to be truly successful, focus on the problem first, not the solution. Dr. Na Fu referenced Thomas H. Davenport’s book: Keeping Up with the Quants: Your Guide to Understanding and Using Analytics, which affirms that “the starting point of people analytics is the identification and framing of the key business problems.”

In fact, people analytics is a great example of where we know it’s important – e.g.  Deloitte found that 71% of HR professionals identified HR analytics as a high priority – but knowing it’s a priority isn’t an effective way to design a solution. “HR analytics requires time, resources and support from senior management team,” says Dr. Na Fu.  

So how do you get buy-in? Once you’ve identified the business problem, Anthony Day advises asking:

  • Is it desirable (e.g. does the product solve a problem?)
  • Is it commercially viable?
  • Is it technically feasible?

If any of these are off then digital transformation will fail. Planning ahead of time is important, but you need to revisit your plan with agility and flexibility if something isn’t working.

Digital Transformation
Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels

Myth #3  – Digital Transformation is a Project

“Don’t call it a project. Don’t call it digital transformation,” Anthony Day says. “And avoid random acts of digital.” Having a joined-up strategy is key as is making sure you engage with your users, or your employees, along the way.

Laura Belyea advises using real-time surveys to your employees throughout the transformation to gather feedback. “By using always-on surveys, you can find out easily how the transformation is going,” Laura says. “Companies are now starting to trash their annual survey in favour of real-time analytics. This allows you to place a pop-up within your employee engagement platform to ask one or two key questions. Employees can give feedback instantly using emojis or writing comments – and management can take action quickly.”

So rather than a large survey after the launch  – asking what we could have done differently – check in throughout the journey and communicate with employees about their feedback to deliver a more inclusive transformation. By using people analytics, you can drive better decision-making throughout the process.

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