Employee Engagement

Many leadership teams think employee engagement solutions add a new responsibility. In fact, they replace feedback solutions employees already use.

Employee Engagement Solutions

Employees Have Opinions…and Options

Gathering employee feedback is time-consuming. Asking for feedback is the easiest part, the bit that takes time is all that analysis at the end. What are the trends? Why are people really leaving – and do HR teams review every single exit interview to find out why?

Integrating employee engagement solutions like Talivest for onboarding and offboarding, current employee feedback and exit interview software can save HR teams time and effort in understanding these trends. It also provides employees a venue for feedback that they may be looking for.

If a company isn’t using a platform like Talivest to gather feedback, where are employees going to turn to share their views? They’ll either vote with their feet by checking out LinkedIn or meeting recruiters or they’ll give feedback through GlassDoor, which can impact your brand’s reputation

In the end your HR team is faced with a choice: manage feedback internally, or try to manage it externally when it ends up on GlassDoor.

Gain Feedback in Person and Anonymously

LinkedIn and GlassDoor aren’t built to help companies retain employees. In fact, they have a vested interest in keeping employees moving to the next opportunity. Instead of creating a situation where employees vote with their feet and post their feedback on a public forum, HR Directors need to create a space for employees’ feedback to be heard internally.

Yes, you should still use evaluations and discuss career growth and improvements face-to-face, but periodic online questionnaires about job satisfaction, management decisions and departmental direction can give a larger scale input on the company’s health as a whole.

Exit Interviews Matter Too

Even when an employee chooses to move on to the next opportunity, your organisation can still gain useful feedback. In fact, you’re likely to get more honest feedback from a leaving employee as long as the process is anonymous and the employee knows they aren’t burning a bridge by sharing their experience.

If you’re wondering about the value of employee engagement solutions, think about the possibilities in terms of ‘either / or’; meaning your employees can either share their feedback with you, or with you and anyone looking up your organisation on GlassDoor.

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Laura Belyea