Corporate Alumni Offboarding Strategy

HR teams focus on choosing the “right” exit interview questions, but employee engagement exit survey software is just as important.

Choosing Exit Survey Questions

We hear a lot from HR leaders about their struggle to find the right exit survey questions. We know exactly where you’re coming from! It’s not easy to identify what questions to ask your employees, so here’s some best practices to follow:

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Address the Current Situation

Companies should ask why employees are leaving. Finding out how and when they chose to leave is a good place to start. You can also plant the seed of rehiring the employee with a question like, ‘Would you consider working for us again? What one change would we need to make for you to rejoin us?’ Letting employees know the door is open helps keep lines of communication open as well.

Avoid Leading Questions

It’s tempting to ask a question like, ‘How well did you work with your supervisor?’, but that phrasing may overlook other factors in the employee’s experience. An open ended question like, ‘Were there negative experiences which made you want to leave?’ allows the employee to think more broadly about their reasons for leaving.

Zoom Out

Yes, your employee is leaving, but it may not be one relationship or pattern that lead them to that decision. Questions about the direction of the company, the way teams function or high level decisions may be in play. Allow for the possibility that managerial style or compensation are only part of their decision to leave.

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Why Does Exit Interview Software Matter?

Choosing the right exit interview questions assumes there are ‘right questions’. Instead of thinking of the questions as a task which is completed, think of them as an experiment which yields results.

Using a platform like Talivest which includes exit interview software allows you to look at reporting over time so you can spot patterns and take actions to improve your Glassdoor score or increase retention. You can also benchmark the results against your competitors to see where you stand within your industry.

It’s also important to point out that while an in-person exit interview might remain part of your process, an exit interview conducted by a third party yields greater honesty and removes bias.

If you’d like to see our exit interview software in action, schedule a demo. We’d be happy to show you around.

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Laura Belyea