Corporate Alumni Employee Engagement Offboarding Strategy

You know how important data is to hiring, retention and recruitment, and you’re correct! Here are some exit survey examples of the actual questions we use in the Talivest employee exit interview software, and why they’re so important.

Take these two questions for example:

What was your main reason for leaving?

It’s simple, straightforward and a good place to start but the answer may or may not help your team improve. When that question is followed with this one:

Could we have done anything to prevent you from leaving?

…you’ve opened the door to both: finding a solution to the reason they left and opening the door for bringing them back as a boomerang some day.

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Here are a few more benefits of well crafted exit survey questions:

Quantify Resignations

No organisation keeps every employee, but do you know what your most common reasons for leaving are? Can you fix them? Quantifying the reasons employees leave is the first goal of your exit interview survey. Rather than focussing on where they’re going and what that company has, focus on why they’re leaving you. What is it about their experience that triggered them to leave?

Benchmarked Results

If you’re writing your own surveys you probably won’t know how well your results stack up with similar companies. Our standardised questions allow us to keep track of averages, patterns and share with clients how they perform.

Improve Recruitment

The solutions you implement today will help you recruit tomorrow. Honest feedback, pattern recognition and benchmarked results will help your team create and implement solutions, leading to future recruits and boomerangs. The exit interview vendors you look at should offer all that and more. If you’re curious about some of the other exit survey examples and to get an offboarding strategy, download the Ultimate Employee Offboarding Toolkit!


Laura Belyea