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What Does Exit Survey Software Really Offer?

Written by

Jayne Ronayne

A recent water cooler conversation reaffirmed what exit survey software really offers companies and employees – anonymity and more honest results.

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When you’re leaving a company, the exit interview is usually one of those last tasks you complete before skipping off into the sunset.

Last week, a friend of ours overheard a work conversation that perfectly explains the value that third-party exit survey software brings to soon-to-be ex-employees:

‘I’m actually looking forward to the exit survey.’

‘Really? Why?’

‘I’m going to tell them exactly what I think about the past year.’

‘Hmmm, I hope it’s anonymous.’

‘It is. It’s the same survey provider we used at my last job.’

It’s far easier for employees to be honest when they know that they can say how they truly feel. If employees know their employer is using an anonymous survey, they are ready to provide feedback that isn’t sugar-coated.

How Should Companies use Exit Interviews?

Once you’ve chosen your exit interview software, develop a communications strategy to ensure your employees know they can trust the third-party vendor. Let them know what information is gathered, how it is (or isn’t) anonymous and why that matters.

If your goal is honest feedback and actionable data, raise awareness about what they can expect before they are asked to submit feedback.

Download our Exit Survey Example Questions

Who are Exit Interviews Built For?

Well-crafted exit interview surveys are built for both the employee and the company. Employees get a chance to share their feedback and identify opportunities for improvement. Companies get honest feedback on management, cooperation and goals from their teams so that they can make changes. It’s a win-win!

If you have questions about our exit interview software or would like a demo, get in touch. Simply click on the Request a Demo button below and we’ll book in time with you to run through a demo.

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