Corporate Alumni Employee Engagement

Whether you have clearly defined employee retention programs or not, you probably have processes in place to keep employees satisfied and engaged in their positions. Here are a few blind spots that can leave your employees less than engaged.

No Data

If you’re not asking for employee feedback at all, you’ll miss the patterns in the onboarding and offboarding data. These patterns take time to appear and the real reason an employee is departing aren’t always what they’ll say in a face-to-face meeting. Make sure you’ve gathered enough data to be able to determine the trends that are generic to your organisation. Once you have even more data, you can drill down by department to understand what matters most to employees in each area.

Low Engagement

Many organisations use surveys that are built in-house or aren’t anonymous. This is a guarantee that you’ll see low engagement and diplomatic answers to questions. Even if people are being honest in the leaver interview, there’s only so much they’ll say without risking damaging their own reputation. If you’re looking for actionable data to help retain and recruit employees, switch to a third party survey platform like Talivest. Response rates skyrocket when employees know the surveys are anonymous and aren’t coming directly from HR.

Missing or Confusing Analytics

The Harvard Business Review found that only one-third of organisations take action on their employee survey data. It’s possible that those organisations were overloaded, but perhaps they didn’t have clear analytics. It’s important to take action on the data that comes back – otherwise, what was the point of investing in an exit interview in the first place? A platform designed to serve a corporate alumni program makes taking action quick and easy.

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Laura Belyea