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KonnectAgain is now Talivest. When we started ‘KonnectAgain’ it was driven by solving a problem that we thought at the time only existed within the education market, which was reconnecting alumni back with their University. We built a simple but valuable platform to connect alumni around the world back with their University in a simple, efficient and meaningful way.

We discovered however when we spoke with large companies, that they had similar challenges to the University market in staying connected with past employees, who were walking out the door with valuable skills, connections and experiences. KonnectAgain saw new opportunities in working with companies to stay connected to and in touch with their former employees and we stepped in to support.

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We believe that a network is invaluable and in having access to the various networks of which you become part, brings immense opportunity. We saw that the Talivest platform would work in the corporate market and so we were excited to take the opportunity to become the leader in corporate alumni relations.

One of the core values within the company is ‘Rock the customer’ which to us means ‘the customer is king’. We listened to other challenges that our customers were experiencing and to which every CEO can relate. With an increased focus on people and culture becoming more of a priority for companies, we felt that these challenges were something that we could help with.

Within a short four month period we began developing solutions for our customers that touched on the full 360 degree feedback loop for the individuals. Employees can give anonymous feedback through our survey tools and we feed back the trends to HR Directors and leaders to help them take actions that will inform improved employee engagement and retention models and ultimately lead to an improved culture within their companies.

In the development of new Talivest products and witnessing the value of those products to our customers, and with a firm eye on where we wanted to take our products in the future, we felt that our original brand of KonnectAgain, and the mission for which it was founded, had been outgrown.

We are opening an exciting new chapter at Talivest and in moving ahead with our business model, we believe a new image is required and so, we will continue our journey under the new name of ‘Talivest’. We will continue in the coming months to ensure we truly deliver our solutions to customers to meet their needs for the employee life cycle.We also look forward to welcoming a further eleven team members to our Talivest team across our three locations in Dublin, Lisbon and New York.

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Laura Belyea