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Why your Exiting Graduates Belong in Your Corporate Alumni Network

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Niamh Madden

Graduates tend to move on from your organisation once a graduate programme formally ends. After all the investment, time and training you put into this top talent, here’s why you need to be inviting them to your corporate alumni network to continue getting return on investment.

Graduate Recruitment
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What Happens When Your Graduate Programme Ends?

If you’re a graduate recruiter, you’ll know that attracting, finding and developing top graduates takes a lot of time – and costs just as much. Graduate Programmes tend to be anywhere from 1 – 3 years in length and are popular with graduates looking to learn and build their career in a formalised environment.

Employees going through your graduate recruitment programme become highly skilled and learn about your culture, your customers and values. However, research from the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) shows that graduates don’t stick around once the programme ends. 16% leave within the first two years, with 20% leaving in the first year after finishing the programme.  How can you continue your investment in this top talent?

Here Are 6 Trends to Improve your Graduate Recruitment Strategy

Jameson International Graduate Recruitment Programme
Photo: Jameson International Graduate Recruitment Programme

Stay Connected With Graduates For Life

Graduates that leave are not gone forever. There’s a strong opportunity to stay connected and keep your investment in top talent by building a Graduate Alumni Community. Award-winning graduate recruiters like Jameson have built an engaged alumni community who are part of their family for life. They’ve seen benefits such as rehires, engaged former employees and connected brand ambassadors that continue to promote Jameson in their own circles. They’ve been able to get up-to-date and accurate information on the successes of their former employees and celebrate those too.

Talivest builds highly engaged graduate alumni communities, creating a top talent pool for referrals, rehires and brand ambassadors. To find out more, request a demo

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