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Your Graduate Programme is Missing This One Key Ingredient

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Niamh Madden

If you’re like most graduate recruiters, you spend plenty of time, resources and energy (blood, sweat and tears included!) on attracting and recruiting the right talent for your graduate programme.

graduate recruitment

And rightly so. Your potential graduates have the pick of the bunch. With almost full employment and plenty of opportunities, it’s a competitive market out there. In 2018, Gradireland had a record number of entries to its prestigious graduate programme awards.

However, a study by the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) in the UK found that graduates stick around for just two and a half years after the programme has ended. Your graduate programme is missing a vital ingredient: a strong connection to your graduates after they leave.

You might think this doesn’t affect you. Once you get the graduates in the door and they make it through the programme – and even stay a few years – your job is done, right? Wrong.

graduate recruitment

The best graduate programmes stay in touch with graduates even after they’ve left, by developing an engaged, corporate alumni community. They stay connected with their graduate alumni for three reasons. 

1. Boomerangs, aka rehires

Graduates who leave sometimes see that the grass isn’t always greener and may wish to return. Or alternatively, they return after a period of travelling with creative and innovative skills. Did they move to a competitor for a few years? Then they might have even gained specialist industry knowledge that’ll help your business. Don’t dismiss these grads, rehire them.

2. Rich Referral Pool

Graduates who’ve finished in your programme are a huge source for referrals. This top talent pool has family and friends that you can tap into even after they’ve left. Great people know great people, so staying connected with graduates can save you time and money attracting the right talent. Offering a referral bonus for successful hires is a great incentive too.

3. Brand Ambassadors

When you left a company, the attitude used to be “don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” After all, you’ve invested time in training, developing and supporting graduates – only for them to leave. By accepting that graduates can and will leave, you show that you support their lifelong career journey. Ending things on a positive note by staying connected will boost your own employer branding in a competitive market.

Jameson International Graduate Programme

The multi-award winning Jameson International Graduate Programme launched a corporate alumni community with Talivest, to stay connected with its former graduates.

They wanted to continue the investment already made in attracting, recruiting and developing this top talent. The graduate team is already seeing the benefits of staying connected and regularly posts job opportunities on this private network.

Sinead D’Arcy who heads up the programme, talks about some of the results they’re seeing. “We’ve just hired our very first ‘boomerang’ employee and look forward to hiring many more through the Talivest platform.”

case study

We’ve put together a case study showing the benefits that the Jameson International Graduate Programme gained by putting in place a clear exit strategy.

Download the case study and get in touch if you would like to see a demo of how this could work for your programme.

Talivest builds highly engaged graduate alumni communities, creating a top talent pool for referrals, rehires and brand ambassadors.

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