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5 Ways to Be Healthier At Work – World Health Day

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Laura Belyea

If you want to make some changes to become healthier at work, make small ones that are easy to keep. Then build up to the big changes.

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Building healthy habits can have a huge impact on our health both physically and mentally. Ask one of your friends or work colleagues to become your healthy buddy, kind of like a study buddy, but someone to help keep you on track and away from temptation.

We spoke to Laura Willard, BSc in Human Nutrition, from Nutritalks on her top tips for improving your health at work:


1. Never eat with a screen in front of you

No matter how busy you are! Eating without a screen enables you to become more mindful of the food you are having, when you have had enough and eat it slower. People who practice mindful eating tend to be healthier than those who don’t, so it is worth giving it a go.

2. Always have breakfast

There is no excuse why you wouldn’t. Porridge takes 2 minutes to cook, a boiled egg can take up to 5 minutes! Breakfast breaks the fast from the night and kick starts your metabolism. In Ireland only 1 in 3 have breakfast in the morning…shocking! Give your body the best chance and eat a balanced breakfast every morning.

3. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

Use one afternoon a week to prep for your week ahead. Firstly, write down a meal plan, include breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. Next shop for all the ingredients and cut up whatever vegetables you can so it is ready after a long day. Organise your fridge so everything is easy to reach.

4. Bring in snacks and lunch to work

This way you are not tempted to go to the local deli for some deep fried meat and massive rolls. You will eat better food and save a small fortune. Each evening, pack a lunch box full of tasty foods. Healthy snacks and lunches can include fruit, nuts, crackers, boiled egg, sushi rolls, casserole, tuna salad, soup and much more.

5. Drink more water

Men need 2.5 litres of water, women need 2 litres of water. Not only will this keep hunger at bay it will improve your skin, your mood and overall health. Water will work to detox your body better than any shake, juice or skinny tea!

All these changes are achievable and easy to follow. Once put in place you will be able to build on them! So what’s stopping you? Make those changes today!

If you are looking for further advice, make sure you seek it from a Dietitian or qualified Nutritionist (someone with a BSc in Nutrition), sometimes the advice from an unqualified individual can be detrimental to your long term health.

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