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How AI is Changing HR, Including Corporate Alumni

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Laura Belyea

No one likes to think they’re biased but we’re all human. We’ve been seeing massive strides lately in how AI is changing HR in areas like recruitment, admin and even through chatbots.

How AI is changing HR

We like to associate with, and possibly give an edge to those we identify with. In recruiting and terminating employees–for example–that can mean even consummate HR professionals are open to helping someone into (or out of) the organisation for less than purely logical reasons. AI can look for patterns and follow rules in an even-handed way that helps remove bias.


Recruitment isn’t just about LinkedIn and networking any more. In fact, AI recruitment software can help recruiters identify candidates whether they’re applying for new positions or not. Think about it, the right candidate might be out there, but maybe they need you to reach out to them. Hiring is already heading that direction with existing hiring and recruitment services. AI can also figure out which candidate might be right for the role.

Employee Retention

There is software on the market which looks at productivity patterns and other metrics to find out when an employee might be lagging. We’ve all noticed someone who is checked out, but what if you could spot that and intervene before they check out?

Keeping an employee could be as simple as a well timed conversation, but you’d need to know when the time is right…

Corporate Alumni

How does all this impact your corporate alumni program? Corporate alumni efforts only work if you have the time to execute them well. Spending time putting out hiring fires or reacting a little too late to a disengaged employee means you’re putting the corporate alumni program on hold. Staying one step ahead using smart software means you have time for effective hiring and employee retention.

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