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Human Resources is getting a serious shake-up. This year will be all about talent: Attracting great people, finding the right candidates, hiring, engaging and retaining them to create an awesome HR employee experience. 

HR employee experience

Talent Acquisition, Recruitment and HR professionals are still struggling to find the right people because of low unemployment, skills shortages and competitive employer branding.

Here’s our cheat sheet to give you a head-start.

  • Onboard before onboarding

The onboarding process needs to start before employees join and should be focused on what matters to each generation. Focus on what matters to millennials and Generation Z: company values and mission; career and personal development and mentoring. Make it easy for your people to stay in touch and feel part of the team before they join, whether that’s by asking them for their input, including them in a project or meeting for coffee.  

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  • Develop a retention strategy

With employees now averaging a tenure of just two years, it’s essential that organisations have a retention strategy. Gather insights into why people are leaving so you can make changes to your organisation, retain your employees and reduce the high cost of turnover.

  • Make room for Gen Z

Company culture trumps salary and perks to create a truly great HR Employee Experience . Your organisation must allow for the flexibility and mobility Millennials and Gen Z demand.”Perks, parties and foosball tables won’t keep top talent from taking a job with your competitor for a 10% raise,” author Kevin Kruse of Employee Engagement 2.0 advises.

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  • Tap into the “Stay At Home Parent” Talent Pool 

A talent pool that is often overlooked are parents that have decided to take a “career break” to stay-at-home with their children. These parents are skilled, experienced and highly motivated when they decide to re-enter the workforce. It’s so important for organisations to either keep this connection with their former employees who are taking a career break or to tap into this talent pool when hiring.

  • Conduct “Stay” Surveys

Why wait until it’s too late? Find out what would trigger a job search for your flight-risk employees by doing Stay Surveys. Ask yourself if there is anything your organisation can do to give new opportunities to employees that feel it’s time to move on. If you’re not doing Stay Surveys you might just be leaving it too long to find out why people are leaving.

  • Ask if your Exit Surveys are really honest

Traditionally, the Exit Survey is conducted in-house by HR – is this really a great HR Employee Experience? Studies have shown that people are more likely to be honest when surveys are anonymous and not tied back directly to them. To find out the trends why people are leaving, outsource your exit survey to a third party who ensures results remain anonymous and action-focussed.

  • Generate boomerang employees

“People who left [your organisation] aren’t traitors, they’re alumni who went in a different direction in their life,” Kevin Kruse advises. What happens to your employees after they leave? Smart businesses keep in touch with their alumni with the aim of either rehiring top performers as “boomerangs” or leveraging their network for great referrals. With over half of millennials saying they’d return to a former employer, staying connected can help you attract boomerangs.

Freelancers, consultants and independent contractors now make up 20-30% of the workforce and the figure is set to rise. Many companies are redesigning how they hire by moving to a more agile workforce. Take advantage of this by asking what parts of your business could be more agile and tap into people’s interest in moving around regularly to new opportunities and roles on their own terms.

  • Robots could do more of the dull work

HR robots may seem a long way away, but many organisations are looking into how robots could take care of all those admin tasks so that you don’t have to.The idea is that these types of robots will liberate us to be our best selves. When we don’t have to focus on low-value work, we can be engaged in more rewarding and challenging projects.  

How Talivest can help you build an engaged workplace 

Talivest is an online platform that helps global companies tap into rich networks of their past and future talent. We help organisations understand why employees are leaving, stay connected with them and help re-hire high performing alumni as boomerangs. This results in reduced recruitment costs, boosted productivity, improved brand culture and a rich talent pool for referrals and boomerangs.

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Laura Belyea