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Webinar | Why HR Offboarding Needs to Embrace Corporate Alumni

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Niamh Madden

Here are the ways that HR teams and organisations can dramatically improve their HR offboarding, by engaging with corporate alumni.

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If you’re thinking about HR offboarding, are you mainly thinking of exit surveys? While it’s massively important to survey leavers to understand why they left, it’s even more critical to form a strategy to stay connected with your corporate alumni. Why? Because your ex employees are your best asset. They’re your brand ambassadors, your future rehires, referrals and business opportunities. Here’s some simple ways to engage with your corporate alumni after they exit.

Clear Communication

If your alums follow you on LinkedIn they may see some of your announcements and content in their news feed. Some alumni may be interested, but most of the time they are also reading messages from your competitors. It’s hard to cut through the noise. However, with your updates in an exclusive corporate alumni platform, they’re tuned into hiring, events and groups – and it’s targeted just for them because they get the inside information.

Behind the Scenes

Sure, you’re not sharing the quarterly earnings report with former employees, but you’re giving them more targeted content that keeps them interested in hearing from you. They can see when you’re hiring, they’ll get updates on new teams or new opportunities…perhaps ones that didn’t exist when they were an employee. It’s a way for them to keep up to date at a professional level without much effort on their part.

Keep the Door Open

By providing that window of access you’re letting them know they parted on good terms and you still consider them part of the family. Maybe they’ll bring new skills, industry insights or a new perspective with them if they are rehired.

You’re keeping the door–and the conversation–open, which is a requirement if you’d like valuable former employees to boomerang back. This is critical to creating an excellent HR offboarding experience.

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