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HR Technology Trends: The CLS App Challenge

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Niamh Madden

Not long ago, if you wanted the best HR technology on the market, you talked to the top software vendors and used whatever they had to offer. That’s all changing.

Talivest was built to create best-in-class corporate alumni program tools and we keep our skills sharp with feedback and collaboration from a few important sources.

First, we get detailed and helpful feedback from our top customers. We aim to create excellent solutions, but only the end users can tell us how we’ve done.

Second, collaboration is a great way to build better, more effective tools. This week we’re heading to the CLS Engagement App ChallengeWe’re excited to be spending 48 hours coding an employee engagement tool. The goal is to develop an app that reinvigorates internal employee communications and everyday workplace management.

cls engagement app challenge

If you’re curious about HR technology trends, take a look at the challenge and follow the entries as they are unveiled. We’re excited to be one of the startups rethinking the way HR works.

Read on – We came third in the CLS Engagement App Challenge! 

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