Corporate Alumni Employee Engagement

The average employee onboarding process takes 52 days from start to finish. We’ve built an infographic showing the statistics which impress us most about reducing time and cost during the employee onboarding process.

Applications & Interviews

For decades, organisations have posted job ads. These days the issue isn’t if you’ll receive applications, but how many. We’ve all seen resumes flood in and lost countless hours reading through them. The hiring process takes, on average, 52 days from start to finish. That’s a lot of time and money invested before your new hire even starts.

employee recruitment comparison

Speed up Employee Onboarding

Many of us have hired a direct referral or been the person referred. A personal recommendation goes a long way. Sure, you can ask for recommendations or try to tease one out of your LinkedIn connections, but what if you had a shortcut?

Download the Infographic – How to Reduce Cost & Time to Hire by Hiring Boomerangs

Corporate alumni software allows you to speak to your network before posting a public ad. Could you hire a boomerang employee? Could a former employee make a recommendation? Leveraging your corporate alumni network can cut hiring time in half.

Are There Other Benefits?

Yes! To find out more about how you can cut hiring and recruitment costs, download the infographic using the button below.

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Laura Belyea