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In today’s workplace, you can have up to five different generations working together.  How do you integrate different generations and ensure you have high performing teams?

integrate the different generations

Here are 5 Tips to Integrate Different Generations

  1. Set up Mentoring Programs with employees from different generations
  2. “Reverse” Mentoring where younger generations mentor older generations. This empowers the younger generation while enabling the older generation to adapt to new technologies and ways of working.
  3. Communication is imperative!  Ensuring your organisation has regular team meetings, frequent 121’s, formal gatherings, corporate communications, constant feedback and coaching. 
  4. Organisations need to consider stage of life when inspiring and incentivising employees to integrate the different generations, e.g. Millennials and Gen Z might want different incentives than Boomers. 
  5. Create a collaborative work environment where different generations can work together on projects or teams.   This will allow them to leverage their different working styles and strengths while building a high performance culture.  


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Top Tips for Millennial Engagement 

  • Create a flexible work culture where employees feel empowered based upon trust.
  • Implementing a clear defined career path.
  • Provide opportunities and experience that align to career goals.
  • Lattice vs. Ladder career – Employees want to feel progress and that they are continually learning. Lattice approach allows them to learn new skills and feel progression without getting a promotion before they are ready.
  • Physical design of the work environment is more impact than you think!

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The grass is greener complex !

Millennials tend to make quick or impulsive decisions to leave. Moving from job to job, often following a friend or ex-colleague or as a split decision for perceived quicker career progression. Quick decisions as we know can lead to regret, if it is not the right experience for them. At this stage, they might want to return so it’s important to leave the door open.

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Laura Belyea