Employee Engagement

Introducing the easiest way to send employee pulse surveys, ever. One click and you can check your company’s mood, regularly.

When you Want to Pulse

We’d like to announce our new feature: Pulse Scheduling. Put simply, it’s an easier way to gather employee feedback. You can say goodbye to the pain of setting up surveys every single time you want to check the pulse of your organisation.

Instead, you can now easily schedule a survey that will be sent to your entire company at a cadence of your choosing. If you’ve already got Talivest’s Employee Insights platform, you’ll see this under Schedule in your Account Options tab.

Scheduling Surveys Saves You Time

The reason that scheduling your pulse surveys is so great? It saves you heaps of time. Think about the last time that you had to set up a survey, decide on the questions and launch. It took a while, right?

Now, you can schedule a pulse survey to go out automatically to your organisation every 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. When switched on, this will email your employees their pulse surveys without you having to manually send them.

You can even pause your scheduling if you like – or switch off completely if needed!

How to Get Started

Firstly, you’ll need to have your initial pulse survey set up and ready to rock in Talivest’s Employee Insights platform. If your package includes pulse, you’ll see this in your tool already or you can get set up by contacting us.

Next, go to Account Options -> Schedule. Switch the ‘on’ button to turn on scheduling. At this stage, you can choose the frequency with which you’d like to send out a pulse.

And it’s as simple as that!

Not Got our Insights tool?

We’d love to give you a demo! If you’re a customer who already has a community with us, you’ll benefit hugely from introducing pulsing. You’ll get up-to-date feedback from your community members or employees on what’s working and what isn’t. Request a demo today.


Laura Belyea