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Sentiment analysis is our new employee exit interview feature. It will help your team save time and organise the results.

When we spoke to HR professionals about their pain points with employee surveys, one of the biggest challenges was just how long it takes to sift through the results.

The open text comments, in particular, can take hours to read, organize, sort into categories and digest. Sound familiar? At Talivest, we knew there had to be a more efficient way to analyse free text. We wanted to make it easier to really uncover the meaning of the comments at a glance. That’s why we’ve launched a brand new feature as part of our onboarding, stay and exit interviews – Sentiment Analysis.

Sentiment Analysis takes the hard work out of reading comments so that you can see the bigger trends around the Voice of the Employee.

Client Results

The biggest difference our customers are noticing is that they can now quickly and easily understand what their employees feel – without having to sift through each and every detail.

This gives them far more time to put together recommendations and an action plan to improve the employee experience.

How Sentiment Analysis Works

Sentiment Analysis groups comments together and highlights whether they are positive, negative or neutral. You can also see what trends are emerging from comments through interactive word clouds.

More Great Features

Here’s a reminder of some of the other great features that we’ve put in place to save you time, enhance the quality of your results and improve your survey response rate:

Survey Templates and Benchmarks

Not sure where to start? We provide best practice survey templates which are benchmarked against your industry. So you’ll know where you stand right from the start.

One Click Send

Send a single survey – or multiple surveys through an imported file – with a single click. No messing around with lists or complicated processes.

Automatic Reminders

Employees sometimes need a nudge to complete a survey, but sending reminders manually is far too time-consuming. That’s why Talivest Insights automatically sends reminders at whatever frequency and cadence works best for you.

Simple Stats, Straight Away

Maybe you’ve run a survey in the past but the responses went into the ‘black hole’ of data collection never to be analysed or acted on? Don’t worry! Our dashboards do the analysis for you, meaning the second you’re sending out surveys you’re getting actionable insights. No more wrestling with Excel sheets or waiting months for a Data Analytics team to get back to you. You can compare and contrast, filter and slice data right from our intuitive interface.

Flag Leaving Employees

Do you currently flag if an outgoing employee is a regrettable leaver or not? Through Talivest’s tool, you can set it all up in a couple of clicks. Export a list of regrettable leavers and share them with your recruitment team for future rehiring of ‘boomerang’ employees.

If this sounds like what you need to get your onboarding, stay or exit interview program up and running or bring it to the next level, why not book a demo today to see it in action?


Laura Belyea