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Offboarding Best Practices & Boomerangs at TAtechEurope 2018

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Laura Belyea

We’re excited to announce our CEO, Jayne Ronayne will be speaking on one of the Recruitment Marketing panels on Tuesday 13 March at 2 pm as part of TAtechEurope 2018. So what do offboarding best practices have to do with recruitment marketing? We’re glad you asked.

Recruitment is tough in many industries, but especially so in technical fields. Chances are if you have a recruitment marketing strategy and a team executing on it, it is in response to the competition in your employee market.

So let’s walk through an example. You have a skilled employee you’ve recruited two years back. You’ve spent time training them and integrating them with their team. They’ve worked out well, but now they’re leaving.

Option One: You say goodbye and start over with the same recruitment marketing and outreach plan you instituted two years ago.

Option Two: You take a few minutes to debrief your employee and follow offboarding best practices. You gather anonymous data about why they are leaving and ask for feedback on how the organization can improve their opinion. Their feedback offers clues on how to get them back someday as a boomerang employee.

Which option is going to save time and money in the long run? Option Two.

Planning and encouraging boomerang employees when the time is right saves money and helps your organization improve over time. After all, if you’re solving the factors increasing employee churn, you’re likely to bring back boomerangs, saving time and money in the long run.


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