Corporate Alumni Employee Engagement Offboarding Strategy

If your organization hasn’t solidified its offboarding best practices, we’ve got a toolkit to help. You may not be able to stem the tide of employees leaving for a new opportunity until you have strong employee retention practices, including an offboarding plan. Need to sell the concept inside your organization? Here are four reasons why you need better offboarding.

offboarding best practice toolkit

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Your Exes are Your Brand Ambassadors

When your former employees leave, they’re going to tell their friends and family – and post on review websites – what it was really like to work at your company. Give them something good to shout about when they leave.

Talent Knows Talent

Your next hire could be a referral by a past employee. Incentivize your alumni by giving them a bonus for referring friends or family and make the process easy.

Return of the Boomerang

A boomerang is an employee that leaves on good terms and is rehired at a later date. Boomerangs are cheaper to hire, faster to ramp up, and more likely to be star-performers. There’s also a lower recruitment error rate as boomerangs are already a cultural fit.

Business Opportunities

Maintaining a connection with alumni can also lead to business development opportunities and sales leads. So, keep an up-to-date database of where your former employees have moved to.

We’re just getting started with tips from our offboarding best practices toolkit. You can download the entire toolkit today or keep up with the tips and checklists as we post them on the blog.


Laura Belyea