Corporate Alumni Employee Engagement

Our latest onboarding surveys are aimed to help your corporate alumni program. Here’s we build long-term business goals into surveys.

Long term goals and short term goals are different right? It’s an easy pattern to fall into, but we build and update our platform to help you and your teams at every step along the way. It’s part of our mission to help clients meet both long and short term goals more easily.

Onboarding Survey

Your newest team member is fresh off the hiring process, so it’s an odd time to think about employee retention then isn’t it? Here is how the two are tied together: both HR departments and corporate alumni software are built to recognize and mitigate employee losses, so if you know why previous employees have left, the onboarding survey is your first opportunity to look for those patterns. Our surveys help you keep track of where new employees are in terms of satisfaction and engagement. It’s the baseline measure of how well they like working inside the organization.

“Stay” Survey for Employees

Statistically speaking you know how long employees should last inside the organisation. Are you giving them a chance to voice their opinion about their development, their team’s performance and the health of the organization? Consider periodic Stay surveys to help them stay in touch with HR outside the need for information about the healthcare plan or paid time off.

Corporate Alumni Program

If you’ve kept good track of employees (starting with their onboarding survey) you’ll know if they are outperforming expectations, measuring higher than average on satisfaction and engagement metrics or not. It will also help you stay in touch with them should they decide to leave. After all, you won’t be able to retain every good employee, but wouldn’t it be great if they left feeling positive about the organization? That’s how boomerangs are built.

If you’re curious about how onboarding surveys work and how Talivest can help improve your process schedule a demo. We’d be happy to show you how the platform works.


Laura Belyea