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6 Ways to Prevent a SHOCK Employee Resignation! is written by Laura Smyth, Director at Top Tier Recruitment.  Top Tier Recruitment is a specialist Recruitment Consultancy servicing a blue-chip domestic and international client base across Finance and FinTech.

Employee Resignation
Laura Smyth, Top Tier Recruitment

1 – Give Regular Feedback

Giving your employee feedback at their annual review just does not cut it.  Think of a professional football player – they get feedback after every match.  It is important to give feedback on a weekly basis.

2 – Ensure Your Employee Knows what is Expected

Perhaps they just do not know what is expected from them or maybe they have a lack of understanding of their role?  This reinforces the importance of your weekly feedback meetings.

3 – Implement Career Progression

Do you understand your employees development career goals and are they aware of the opportunities open to them?  One of the top reasons people leave today is because they found a company who has a defined career path.

4 – Your Employee needs to feel Appreciated and Recognised

Your role as a leader is to support and elevate your employee development.  A simple acknowledgment is often all it takes.

5 –  How is their relationship with their Direct Line Manager

There are many studies which show a huge number of employees left a company due to a bad relationship with their boss.  There is a huge correlation between this and their performance.  When the bad relationship is echoed throughout the office the manager may well be the bad hire.  Personality mismatches do occur – the employee might be better off moving to another team.

6 – Promote a Work/Life Balance

It’s so important to promote healthy work/life balance – and not just talk about it, but actually live it. We wrote about how to achieve a work/life balance which can be accessed here: 5 Ways to Achieve Work Life Balance.


Laura Belyea