Corporate Alumni Offboarding Strategy

Most companies pay attention to both recruiting and offboarding, but are they using their exit interview management software to recruit smarter?

Exit Interview Software


Whether you have an in-house recruiter or use a dedicated firm, their job is to fill vacancies. They may not be incentivised on how long employees stay or how successful the outcome is per hire. That’s where data comes in. If you want to reduce employee turnover or leave the door open for boomerang employees you need to know a few things about who you’re hiring, who’s leaving and why.

Exit Interviews

You can’t go back in time but you can start gathering better data today. An anonymous exit interview allows you to start identifying both who is leaving and why. Would that employee ever consider coming back? Are there circumstances that would have kept them in the organisation longer? You won’t know until you ask…anonymously. Research shows that when you ask the questions anonymously, up to 63% of the answers actually change. Why? Because employees feel like they can actually say what they feel – rather than spoofing HR with safe answers so that they’ll maintain a professional relationship.

Exit Interviews + Recruitment

Once you’ve implemented an exit interview management software solution you should start seeing patterns. Perhaps exits have to do with experience level, pay or a team that isn’t as functional as others. Your exit interview management software will tell you if you have an internal issue, a recruitment issue or an experience issue.

Once you’ve identified the issues you can start using your exit data to aid in your recruitment efforts. Maybe you’re hiring employees with too little experience, or maybe they’d like to work remote. Once you have the data, you can find the solutions.

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Laura Belyea