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What employees expect from a job is changing. See how talent community software helps you stay in front of Millennial candidates.

talent community software hiring millennials

Hiring Isn’t Binary

Not so long ago the best an applicant could hope for is that their resume would ‘Stay on File’ in case something came up soon. Many of us have heard that line and correctly assumed we weren’t likely to hear from that company again. In fact, many applicants never hear back from companies at all, even if they were close to making the cut.

After a company disappears like that it’s a little hard to go back to the applicants and say, ‘consider us again next time’, so hiring was binary. Applicants were in or out.

With younger generations of employees like millennials and Gen Z, that model is becoming more cost intense, and it’s making less sense.

How Talent Community Software Helps

With competition high and employees ready to move positions much more quickly, staying in touch with applicants who looked promising makes more sense than ever.

talent community software and millennialsThis is where talent community software can help. A Talent Community is a pool of talented individuals within a private social network. You’re in control of the data and the content so you can interact and engage with top talent in a meaningful way. It’s a little like keeping resumes on file, except you can actively stay in touch with prospects quickly and easily to stay on their radar for their next career move.

Also think about those summer interns and placement students who could potentially be future hires. Get them onto the Talent Community so that you keep that relationship going for future hiring.

We Have our Community, Now What?

Using talent community software like the Talivest platform allows you to stay in touch when you’re:

  • Hiring a Contract Worker
  • Looking to Attract Candidates
  • Hosting Events

Millennials are likely to appreciate being in the loop with a company they showed interest in. You can send them updates on where you’re headed and ask your talent community if they’re interested the next time you’re hiring.

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Laura Belyea