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Talivest founders exit after running business for nine years to join Go1 in expanding European presence with insight analytics domain expertise

CORK, Ireland, Thursday, July 14, 2022 – Cork-based Talivest today announces its acquisition by Go1, one of the world’s largest corporate education content hubs for on-demand training and resources.

The partnership represents a strategic alignment of a shared purpose by both organisations – to continually provide data and insights that enhance engagement in corporate learning & development.

Headquartered in Cork, Talivest is an employee experience platform co-founded by HR professionals Jayne Ronayne and Laura Belyea, with a mission to leverage technology and transform how people and organisations engage throughout the employee lifecycle.

In the nine years since the business was founded, it has grown to a team of nine overseen by Ronayne and Belyea. The acquisition will see Talivest’s co-founders and team integrate as part of the Go1 global organisation, signifying the success of the Irish start-up they built together. Ronayne and Belyea will be joining the Go1 team to continue to support company growth and oversee the day-to-day operations for Talivest.

On the acquisition, co-founder Jayne said, “It has been an incredible journey to scale up Talivest from post-college to parenthood. I feel so grateful to the Talivest team for years of dedication to building this business. I have always admired and enjoyed working with the team at Go1, and I look forward to continuing my own journey as part of their team.”

Co-founder Laura added, “Both Jayne and I really feel that Go1 is the right home for Talivest, and also the right time in the market., as demand for employee engagement and education tech soars. With the acquisition, I am excited for experience and domain our product and engineering expertise to join Go1 and help them to achieve their global vision.”

Andrew Barnes, CEO of Go1 said, “We’ve always known the importance of learning and development for employee retention. In the past few years, that importance has grown as the workforce adapts to new models and the need to accommodate shifting priorities. The combination of Talivest’s employee experience knowledge with Go1’s expertise in corporate learning will help millions of learners across the world to feel more empowered and engaged with their jobs every day.”


Robin Ball