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Co Founders of Go1 and Talivest

We’ve all had to find creative ways to adapt to new ways of working this year. One of the big trends emerging is the demand for online tools, especially in the online training sector. With demand for online learning courses surging by 74 per cent, Talivest has partnered up with Go1- the global leader of online learning, to provide remote-learning solutions for local businesses.

The Changing Face of Working

Go1 recently undertook an in-depth study of the online training market to understand the changing needs of businesses. The ‘State of Learning’ report found that there’s been a rise in certain training requirements, such as health and safety compliance – no surprise in the era of Covid-19.

The partnership is now offering thousands of online training courses, along with analytical software for businesses of all sizes and sectors to access. For early access please click for more information.

As well as training, the partnership provides an opportunity to measure return on investment, invest in team development, and enhance workforce skills. 

Jayne Ronayne, CEO of Talivest, said: “We are delighted to have partnered with eLearning leaders Go1, to bring our shared experience and background to even more businesses. At a time when we’re all working remotely, companies that invest in their teams will be the ones that have a competitive advantage. 

“The powerful data provided by our programme provides valuable insight, as well as helps to improve productivity, motivation and retention levels.” 

The Importance of Insight

We know that employee engagement is important, especially at this time when teams are more remote than ever. So, along with online training, the partnership offers managers the chance to dip into employee insights, and learn more about the gaps in their teams. As a result, managers can assign courses to team members, as well as approve training requests.

The Power of eLearning

Tailvest’s rich analytics and Go1’s eLearning know-how is a powerful combination that will benefit tens of thousands of companies worldwide. 

Andrew Barnes, CEO of Go1, said: “This is particularly important at this time, with the need for fast, reliable data, to make quick decisions and respond to the changing landscape. Businesses have had to adapt quickly to a new working environment this year, and we’re helping them to do it efficiently. Now more than ever, it’s important to invest in teams and ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills to move forward.”

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One of the key benefits of the partnership is that L&D Leaders will be able to glean insight into their organisation and identify areas in their business where learning is required, measure learning experience & preferences and measure the return on investment.

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