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5 Ways to Innovate HR – Disrupt HR Dublin Takeaways

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Niamh Madden

You could sense the excitement at Disrupt HR Dublin, as over 100 Human Resources and business professionals took their seats at this sold-out event all about how to innovate HR.

Each of the 12 speakers had 5 minutes to present 20 slides. Here’s our key takeaways from the event – 5 ways you can innovate HR.

1 – Hire People with a Growth Mindset

Are you hiring for a growth or fixed mindset? Mark Kelly, well-known for his What I Know Now podcast, focussed his talk on this concept by Carol Dweck.

Most corporates recruit candidates for experience and performance, i.e. with a “fixed” mindset. Instead, Mark advises hiring people who have a desire to learn and improve. Research shows that a “growth” mindset can yield a 12 – 30% increase in performance.  

2 – It’s Not Just Millennials Who Want Feedback

“Would athletes get to the top if they waited until their annual appraisal to get feedback?” This question posed by Liz Buckley, Head of HR at Savills, shows the absurdity of annual reviews.

But it’s not just millennials who are crying out for instant feedback, it’s all the generations. Dr. Mary Collins from RCSI talked about the importance of including everyone when it comes to career conversations too, saying “Don’t put baby (boomers) in the corner.”


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3 – Robots Will do the Work We Don’t Like 

Orla Graham, Chief HR Officer with Deloitte, introduced us to Flo. Flo is a Belgian trilingual HR virtual assistant, who’ll take care of all those admin tasks so that you don’t have to. Bots will innovate HR by working on admin. 

The idea is that these types of robots will liberate us to be our best selves. When we don’t have to focus on low-value work, we can be engaged in more rewarding and challenging projects.  

4 – Keep your Exes as Close as Your Employees

Meanwhile, our very own Jayne Ronayne, CEO and Co-founder of Talivest, formerly introduced us to her ex, Joe. Joe’s a special ex: he’s her ex-employee. Everyone has a Joe who they lost to another company – or to travelling.  

However, organisations need to engage with and stay connected to their exes. With over half of millennials saying they’d return to a former employer, that close connection can help you attract boomerangs (rehires).

5 – It’s All About the Individual 

Aisling Teillard from Tandem HR Solutions pointed out that despite all the improvements in the physical workplace “employee engagement has flatlined”.  

It’s no longer all about the perks. Instead, the workplace needs to be truly focussed on the individual’s needs, not just their generation or the company benefits.

disrupt dub.png

And here’s a few bonus takeaways from the experts! 

  • Mindfulness can help correct unconscious bias. Try mindfulness exercises as part of your diversity initiatives. Dr Orlaith O’Sullivan
  • Watch out for the rise of STEMpathy jobs – emotional intelligence is needed in an AI world to truly innovate HR! Orla Graham, Deloitte
  • There’s no need to panic about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The single biggest change is accountability. John Ghent, Sytorus.

How Talivest Can Help

Talivest’s online community and exit interview can help organisations understand why employees are leaving, stay connected with them and re-hire high performing former employees as boomerangs. This results in reduced recruitment costs, boosted productivity and a rich talent pool.

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