5 Top Priorities for HR Leaders in 2021

Download the Top 5 Priorities for HR Leaders in 2021. This last year has driven rapid transformation for HR Leaders. Learn the top priorities that HR Leaders are focused on in 2021 What the future of work will look like to drive organisational and employee growth How to maintain a positive employee experience Download Now

Five HR Trends for 2021

DOWNLOAD THE HR TRENDS FOR 2021: We look at five business trends 2021 has in store for HR professionals. Learn the most talked about HR trends post-Covid What will be important as we approach the ‘new normal’ Get top tips on how to engage remote workers Download Now

5 Steps for Creating a Training Needs Assessment

DOWNLOAD THE HOW-TO GUIDE: This guide will give HR and L&D leaders an insightful and actionable approach on how to conduct a Training Needs Assessment in your organisation.  Download the How-To Guide and learn: Why assessing training and skill gaps is critical to your organisation How to conduct a training needs assessment Getting learning on […]

Employee Pulse Survey – HR Playbook

DOWNLOAD THE EMPLOYEE PULSE SURVEY HR PLAYBOOK: This guide will give human resources professionals an insightful and actionable approach, including a framework for designing and implementing pulse programmes in your organisation. Download the employee pulse survey playbook and learn: Best practices for pulse surveys Why gathering real time employee feedback is critical Interpreting results and […]

COVID-19 Remote Working – Manager How-To Guide

DOWNLOAD THE REMOTE WORKING TOOLKIT FOR MANAGERS:  Are you a manager looking to help your team navigate remote working? Download the how-to guide to learn: The challenges of remote working, especially during COVID-19 Why you need to listen to your team members 6 Top tips on working from home for your teams Download Now

COVID-19 Remote Working HR Toolkit

DOWNLOAD THE REMOTE WORKING TOOLKIT FOR HR:  Are you a HR leader looking to enhance remote working for your organisation? Download the toolkit to learn: The challenges of remote working, especially during COVID-19 Why you need to be sending more surveys, not less Why data is critical for you to listen to your workforce Download […]

Employee Engagement Whitepaper

DOWNLOAD THE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT WHITEPAPER Are we saying RIP to the Employee Engagement Survey? Or is it still alive and kicking? In this whitepaper, you’ll discover how to communicate your survey, get better survey response rates and how to take action on results. Download Now

HR Metrics Checklist

DOWNLOAD THE HR METRICS CHECKLIST What you measure in HR all depends on your organisational goals and business needs. Here’s our top ten Human Resources metrics to help you get started. Download Now

COVID-19 Remote Working Survey Questions

DOWNLOAD THE REMOTE WORKING SURVEY QUESTIONS: Are you a HR leader or Manager facing a new challenge having all, or most, employees working from home?  Download the remote working survey questions and learn: How to get started with sample questions and areas to measure Why gathering employee feedback is critical Why using a scientific backed […]

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