Corporate Alumni Offboarding Strategy

We know HR teams are busy, so here are a few concrete reasons why building a corporate alumni community is worth your time.

why build corporate alumni community


You already have a top talent pool at your fingertips. You can extend your employee referral program to alumni quickly and easily and even rehire top performers. One of our alumni communities has seen 33% of its alumni interacting with their jobs, showing that this talent pool are actively interested in roles at their former company.

You may not snag a boomerang employee with every new job posting but you’ve gotten the word out that you’re hiring to the people who know you best – your former employees.

Sure beats sending dozens of individual emails, or posting publicly and opening the floodgates, doesn’t it?

Centralized Data

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and outdated information. Your hiring data are all in one place and it’s updated by your alumni themselves.

One of our customers recently told us about reaping the benefit of their corporate alumni data. Using Talivest, 34% of their alumni have updated their details by themselves. Now the company has the latest information on their talent pool, ready for their recruiting team.

How About Business Opportunities?

You’ve probably used LinkedIn or industry publications to keep up with your industry, but why not tap into the knowledge of your alumni? While you’re taking care of business, your alumni are likely headed off to some great companies. Leverage your alumni community to make contacts in new verticals.

Get more information on how to build a successful corporate alumni community by downloading the full webinar.

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Laura Belyea