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COVID-19 – People Continuity Support

Covid-19 People Continuity Support

The world of work has changed. The global spread of COVID-19 means that many HR leaders and organisations are now faced with a new challenge – having all, or most, employees working from home, difficult decisions on downsizing teams, customer and business continuity challenges.


A message from Talivest CEO, Jayne Ronayne

“We want to help as many organisations as possible to give their workforce a voice. Now more than ever, your people need to be heard. We’ve launched a dedicated remote working dashboard for HR leaders. There’s minimal time requirement involved and it will deliver strong results, fast.”

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Continuous Listening

It has never been more important to listen to your employees. Keep reading to learn how you can gather feedback from your remote workers, to make sure you are continuously listening to them during this challenging time.

Continuous Listening

Resources for Continuous Listening

5 Tips for Continuous Listening during Covid-19

Blog – The Importance of Listening during a Pandemic

5 Tops Tips on How to Engage with Employees

Employee Engagement Whitepaper


Remote Working

Are you a leader looking to enhance remote working for your organisation or team?  We’ve developed a bespoke Remote Working Survey specific to the challenge during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Learn why you need to be sending more surveys and why data is critical for you to listen to your workforce.

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Continuous Listening

Resources for Remote Working

Remote Working – HR Toolkit

Remote Working – Manager How-To Guide

How to Measure and Enhance Your Remote Working Strategy – Webinar Slides

Watch a demo of our Remote Working dashboard

Blog – How To Lead Remote Working Teams in The ‘New Normal’

Blog – The Value of Employee Pulse Survey’s During Covid-19


Employee Offboarding

Organisations are facing tough decisions around their workforce due to a reduction of business activity.  If your organisation has to temporarily or permanently make reduncancies, we’ve put together our exit and offboarding resources to help. This is where we can help you offboard compassionately, for employees to feel that they are still being support through their exit.


Resources for Offboarding


How to Build an Offboarding Strategy Infographic

How to Improve your Exit Survey Best Practices- Infographic


Checklists and Toolkits 

Employee Offboarding Checklist

Exit Survey Question Examples

Employee Offboarding Toolkit


Blog Posts 

What Makes Effective Exit Interview Software? – Blog

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Alumni – Staying Connected to Former Employees

Staying connected to former employees has never been more important as part of your People Continuity Strategic Planning for Covid-19. Read our resources to learn how to keep your former employees as a top talent pool for rehiring or referrals.

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Resources for Engaging with Alumni

Corporate Alumni and Employee Offboarding Best Practices

Why Create a Corporate Alumni Community? 


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