Talivest Culture Assessment identifies and defines your organisations’ current culture.

Deep insights into the focus areas on the primary factors influencing your culture and steps to desired culture.

Why is corporate culture important?

Why do organisations invest in organisational culture? Culture influences organizational performance, innovation, agility, engagement, and competitiveness.

Understanding organisational culture is hard, and changing it is even harder. But it is the essence of what your organization is all about. In order to implement meaningful change inside your business, you will have to look inward and evaluate your current culture. Only then is it possible to

Realizing the significance of organisational culture and its impact on your business enables you to answer these key questions:

  • What is the prevailing culture of your organization now?
  • How does it affect your day-to-day operations and does it work for your organization?
  • What is the preferred culture for your organization?
  • How much is your organization ready to accept change to improve your organizational culture?
  • How important is organizational culture for your business to be successful?