What our customers say about us

Director of People Engagement, Immedis

Aislinn Brennan

With everything that’s happened globally over the last year it’s more important than ever to understand how people are feeling and how we are supporting them. Thanks to Talivest and the great customer experience we received we can see our results in a single dashboard so we can understand feedback and address concerns while ensuring our employees anonymity.
Chief People Officer, Taoglas

Christina Kenny

Because the tool is so intuitive, my team could gather anonymous, honest feedback. Since using Talivest, we have saved time and invested in the areas we know will be impactful for our organisation.
People and Culture Director, Ronan Daly Jermyn Law Firm

Eimear Desmond

Talivest Remote Working Survey allowed us to act quickly and measure the impact remote working was having on our employee’s well being, communications, interactions and productivity.
Head of Jameson International Graduate Programme

Sinéad D’Arcy

Talivest’s alumni platform is the perfect way for us to reconnect, and stay connected, with our 400+ alumni.
Director, People & Organisation, Cairn

Maura Winston

Talivest gave us baseline data and acts as an easy-to-use, agile listening channel.
Corporate and Commercial Partner, RDJ

Gillian Keating

Talivest has given us a new set of data and deep insights into what motivates and inspires our employees.

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