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A better way to develop and retain top talent

Drive company-wide performance improvements
Develop every-level — leaders, managers and individuals — based on their unique needs.
Powerful insights for everyone
Personalised analytics make it possible for everyone to monitor their progress and take pride in their employee develop plan.
Support progression and development
Spot patterns in your data and automatically identify what improvements will have the biggest impact.
Easily identify development opportunities

Develop all your people

Because every employee deserves the chance to learn and grow. Amplify leaders, managers and individuals by identifying critical skill gaps based on competency frameworks. Don’t stop there — Talivest’s data science automatically measures how those gaps are impacting the employee experience.

Micro-courses, recommended action plans and integrated learning content, help employees action skill gaps. 

Make results transparent and easy to understand

Personal engagement dashboards

As survey data flows in, Talivest will surface engagement drivers and hotspots at the company, department and team level. Giving you — as well as your executives and managers — the power to know exactly where to invest time and budget.

Structured questions, intelligent benchmarking, and advanced Natural Language Processing surface opportunities, predict risks, and prescribe actions, all within the same employee development platform.

Automated analysis

All the insights, none of the hassle

Provide additional support and guidance in the right areas. Filter employee development data points across teams and locations to identify risks, opportunities and trends. Leverage these insights to plan for future company-wide, team or individual L&D initiatives.

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Why is Employee Development so important?

Employee Development is important not only for professional but also personal growth of employees.  An employee development strategy includes activities to prepare employees for adverse conditions and unforeseen situations.  Every employee development process ensures employees acquire new skills and learnings while at their job.