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Employee engagement gives you retention, but employee energy sustains high performance

Energised Employees
Having a high level of energy allows employees to be at their best, or most productive. Energised employees have a high sense of urgency to get things done.
Identify the Hot Spots
Easily identify employee energy hot spots, areas of great energy concentration or lack of and act quickly. This energy results in higher levels of individual, team and organisational performance.
Improve Employee Wellbeing
Your employees have unique needs and stress thresholds. Understanding and tailoring your approach to fit each person's needs is key to improving energy.
Energy and Growth are Symbiotic

What is Employee Energy?

Without energy, we wouldn’t have the ability to function or perform. It underpins our actions, and gives us the mental or physical strength to do things.

In the workplace, mental energy can range from creative thinking to self-motivation. Physical energy can be anything from participating in meetings to using machinery.

Energised individuals have a desire and willingness to get things done. We can measure energy, willingness and engagement, and we can manage it. 

Diagnostic tool to measure employee energy

Measuring Employee Energy

Think of your employees as a battery, how do you know when your employees needs to be charged? 

To measure employee energy,  we look at what ‘boosts’ drive work engagement and what ‘drains’ negate energy from employees.

Boost are the positive emotional, physical and social aspects of work while drains are the physical and emotional stressors.  

Actionable insights That Drive Impact

Analysing and Improving Employee Energy

The Talivest Energy Model measures the balance between the boost and drains and provides an overall employee energy score.

The employee energy score represents your employees’ overall ability to focus, work efficiently, think creatively, and make decisions. If your employee energy is low, this leads to burnout and employee turnover.

If employee energy is high, this increase engagement, allows employees to perform at their best and be highly productive.

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Talivest can help energise your team and organisation

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    What is employee energy and why is matters?

    The best places in the world to work are now asking themselves the question, what is employee energy? We are all familiar with employee engagement but to truly have an engaged workforce you must understand energy and how it impacts your workforce and sadly across the board the findings say workforce energy is low. Assessing energy can help reduce turnover, improve performance and is a quick solution to optimising the workforce