How Talivest helps you retain employees

Employee turnover is expensive. 

Employees are the beating heart of an organisation. People are responsible for creating and maintaining a culture, cultivating relationships with customers and clients, and for being brand ambassadors for a company. Simply put, they’re a company’s greatest asset. This is why employee retention is so important, and understanding employee churn rates is beneficial. What’s more, the cost of hiring new talent is expensive, estimated to be 6-9 months of an employee’s salary. Talivest has a calculator that can shed light on what it’s costing your business, see below to get the details.

Employee Turnover Calculator

Find out how much it costs your business when replacing an Employee, it might be more than you think!

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Science-backed methodologies. 

Talivest has developed ready to use surveys that have been tested and designed with some of the best in the business including the prestigious Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. These surveys are designed to give you the data you need to retain your top talent within the company. When you’re armed with the reasons that employees may leave, you can address those to save time, money and the potential revenue in lost productivity. 

Simple, easy to use software

You don’t need to be a Data Scientist to get the most from Talivest. It’s designed to deliver fast, simple results that gives actionable data immediately after surveys start being filled out. Software that is being continually upgraded with new features being added to make your life easier. 

Build a real-time picture of the employee experience
Boost employee engagement with ready-to-send, science-backed surveys designed by experts — not search engine’s.
No hand-holding required — software for anyone and everyone
Talivest draws on the principles of design thinking to create a user experience that accelerates adoption.

There's a lot more to be excited about.

Ready to Retain your Talent?​

We can take you through all the details on a short demonstration​


Ready to Retain your Talent?

We can take you through all the details on a short demonstration


Looking to get the most from Employee Retention? We can help with that. It only takes a few minutes to go through the demo and find the power in its simplicity.