Benefits of Exit Surveys

Understand Reasons for Attrition

By figuring out the reasons why people are leaving, you’ll understand how to take action to improve your company’s workplace, benefits and culture. 

Improved Retention 

High turnover is a predictor of low performance. The lower your turnover, the higher your performance. This in turn gives your organisation a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining the best talent. Exit surveys improve your retention, once you are willing and empowered to take action on the insights.

Gain Insight into Leadership Effectiveness 

Exit surveys help you gather information on how effective your people managers are. Remember, a poor relationship with their manager can lead to an otherwise satisfied employee leaving. 

Insightful Comments

With Talivest’s Insights, we always ask what the pros and cons were of working in your organisation. The cons give you a checklist on how to create a better culture. The pros provide you with positive feedback, which you can use to build your careers site and boost your employer brand to attract talent.

Honest Insights

With Talivest, all surveys are 100% anonymous. This results in greater trust by employees, so they leave more honest comments. Up to two-thirds of “reasons for leaving” change when companies switch to a third party like Talivest. This means you’re getting higher quality data and better insights.